What can I expect in a 1:1 pilates session?

I am often asked why it is important to have 1:1 sessions before joining a class and what are the benefits.  It is important to have a clear understanding of the basic principles of pilates as it is quite different to other exercise techniques.  A bit like learning to drive, lots of things to think about and doing them in the right order!  Which is why so many people give up after a couple of sessions, which is a shame, as pilates has amazing benefits.  If you are experiencing back pain, then during a 1:1 session I will be assessing the way you move and your posture, so that we can begin to work together on exercises to suit your needs.  It will also help me to adapt exercises during a generic class so that you are working safely.

A 1:1 session begins with a short consultation – if you have any back or joint problems, or any other medical conditions, then this is the time to tell me about them.  I will then go through the very basic principles such as breathing technique.  “So I breath all the time” you say – yes hopefully you do!   However there is a lateral way of breathing that we use in pilates and  I also encourage you to move with the rhythm of your breath – it saves you going purple in the face and gasping for air!  I will then explain about how the position of your pelvic affects the position of your spine and about pelvic stability.  Then you are introduced to your pelvic floor!  Correct recruitment of your core muscles – yes there is a wrong way!  So you can see there is quite a lot to learn, and then we add c0-ordinating this with movement.

Pilates takes a lot of concentration and mindfulness, but is very rewarding if you persevere.  You will feel more poised and lengthened, and after a while be aware of this and an inner strength during your daily activities.  Pilates is not a quick fix, it takes time and commitment.  Ideally take  15 minutes each day to focus on the homework I give you, and you will begin to feel the benefits.

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