Terms & Conditions

Hilary Symmans T/A The Pilates Studio – Terms and Conditions

By booking a class or studio session with Hilary Symmans, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set out below. In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply: “HS”- means Hilary Symmans, trading under the name The Pilates Studio. “Studio” – means Unit B16, Whitecross Business Centre, Whitecross Lane, Shanklin PO37 7EJ and any other venues that HS uses to provide tuition and instruction. “Session”- means Private One to One and Small Group Studio Sessions. “Class”- means a Mat Class. “Client”- means any person from whom a Session or Class booking has been accepted by HS. “Terms and Conditions”- means these terms and conditions.

• These Terms and Conditions are published on The Pilates Studio website (www.pilatesisleofwight.co.uk), at the Studio and are available to all Clients  on request.
• All bookings, Classes and Sessions provided by HS are subject to these Terms and Conditions.
• HS reserves the right to vary and revoke any of the Terms and Conditions when she considers it necessary, for the proper regulation of The Pilates Studio.
• Any changes will be published as an update on the website and the printed version in the Studio.
• Clients are responsible for checking the Terms and Conditions regularly for updates.

• Acceptance as a Client is at the absolute discretion of HS.
• A person becomes a Client when HS accepts their booking for a Session or Class.
• HS reserves the right to cancel a Session or Class; expel from the Studio; suspend for a specific period; or refuse to tutor any Client whose conduct is or  may, in HS’s reasonable opinion, be injurious to the character of HS, The Pilates Studio or other Clients.
• Clients expelled will immediately cease to be a Client of HS and will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid for a Session or Class for any period during which the Client is suspended.
• New Clients or those returning after a long break (determined by HS) are required to book a Private 1:1 session first to assess their suitability.

Mat Classes
• Classes must be booked in blocks (following school terms) and paid for in advance.
• All blocks of Classes, once booked, are non-refundable, non-changeable and not transferable to another person so please be sure of your purchase.
• Your place in a Class is not confirmed until HS has received payment from you.
• If you would like to cancel a Class, please notify HS by email, text message or telephone. (Otherwise HS will worry about you!)
• If there are not enough people booked into the Class to run it for the term, HS reserves the right to cancel the class. In this instance, a full refund will be  given to to you.
• Sessions are to be booked and paid for in advance and can be booked as single or blocks of 4 or 5 sessions.
• Your Session is not confirmed until HS has received payment from you.
• Session bookings must be used within 2 months of initial booking. After this time they expire and no refunds will be given.
• Cancellation of any Session must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged in full.
• HS cannot guarantee availability of sufficient sessions within the expiry time limit in the event of cancellation and or re-scheduling.
• Studio sessions are not transferable to another person.
• If you would like to cancel a Session, please notify HS by email, text message or telephone. (Otherwise HS will worry about you!)

HS provides all the equipment you need, including mats, at The Studio. When teaching at other locations she will advise clients which equipment they need to provide themselves.

• In the interests of safety and hygiene, no crockery, glass or food are permitted in the Studio. (Drinking water is permitted in the Studio in plastic or  unbreakable, leak proof containers.)
• Footwear should be removed by the door and not worn in the floor area where tuition takes place.
• Clients are requested to wear clothing suitable for Pilates such as stretch trousers / shorts and a t-shirt or sports top.
• Please do not walk around the Studio barefoot if you are suffering from verrucas or other foot complaints.
• Smoking is prohibited in the Studio or other locations where facilities are shared.
• In the event of fire or other emergency Clients are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit without stopping to collect personal belongings.

HS makes the Studio and other venues as safe as she can but:
• Your belongings are left in the studios at your own risk.
• HS cannot be held responsible for anything lost or stolen.
• Should you think you have left something the Studio or other venue please let HS know and she will endeavor to find it for you.

• I understand that my teacher is a qualified and insured Pilates Mat Class and Studio teacher.
• I understand that HS and The Pilates Studio is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend Class.
• I will tell the HS of anything painful / unusual I experience in the Class or Session and between Classes or Sessions.
• I will stop doing the exercise if I or HS thinks I need to, or follow the alternatives HS gives me.
• I understand HS may offer me professional advice relating to my ability to exercise and HS may consider it unprofessional to continue to teach me if I do not wish to follow that advice.
• I will keep HS updated on any changes in my medical condition.
• I understand that all exercise carries a risk and I voluntarily participate in HS’s Pilates Classes or Sessions with full knowledge that there is risk of  personal injury, property loss or death. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against HS, The Pilates Studio or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.



If you want to talk to me about my Pilates or Dru Yoga Classes, you can find my details on my contact page.