Pilates sessions now available on Monday evenings

The studio is now open for shared sessions on Mondays 4.30 – 7pm. Sessions by appointment only. These are one hour sessions consisting of matwork and use of the reformer and/or stability chair. Exercises are tailored to suit each individual. Remember you don’t have to find someone to share with! Just book a time, you may be sharing with one or two others, or you may be lucky enough (it depends which way you look at it) to have a session on your own! *

*If you have no previous pilates experience you will need 1:1 sessions to start your pilates journey.



THE CAT – a well known exercise in Pilates and Yoga.  Performing Cat on the Stability Chair is amazing.  When you work with the resistance of the springs, it helps you realise that you need to use your gluts and your hamstrings in an all 4’s position.  This takes a lot of the strain out of your wrists and arms. It also helps you to quite naturally use your core without bracing, and to feel this lovely wavelike movement through your spine.

This is just one of the movements I may teach if applicable to the client at 1:3 sessions in my studio in Lake.  Sessions include matwork exercises as well as working on the pilates equipment.