The Studio

The Studio and Pilates Equipment

My large Pilates equipment (Reformer & Chair) are at my own studio in the  Whitecross Business Centre, Shanklin (just around the corner from Morrisons in Lake).

Take your Pilates to another level

If there are movements that you don’t quite ‘get’ in your Pilates mat class, then working with the equipment in a studio session, either on a 1-2-1 or a Small Group basis, you can take your Pilates to another level and learn how it should feel.

At first sight the equipment does look a little intimidating – rather like some sort of historic torture machine!! Please don’t let that impression put you off, they are wonderful to work with, and whilst you do work hard, the machines work WITH you to ensure you do not adversely strain your body.

Pilates uses the technique of working against resistance to strengthen your core and this can be achieved in mat classes simply by using your own body weight. The difference in using the Reformer and Chair in the Pilates Studio, is that a system of pulleys and springs create the resistance enabling you to perfect the movement without cheating!

The feeling and movement patterns you learn using the equipment will help you perfect your mat class.  You may enjoy it so much that you decide to opt for regular studio sessions!

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The reformer was also invented by Joseph Pilates and is a bed-like structure. The platform is called a carriage and this can roll back and forth. The ease with which it does so is regulated by a series of springs. There are shoulder blocks at one end to keep you from sliding off the carriage (!) and a foot bar at the other end.  The client moves the carriage either using the foot bar or hand straps attached to the other end of the frame.

I adjust the Reformer to work with different body sizes as well as strength and the support that the machine gives the client allows those with a limited range of movement to safely do modified exercises. The adjustments increase the range of modifications you can make for an exercise and allow clients to do some exercises that are not possible on the mat.

What is a Pilates Chair?

The Pilates Chair is small but powerful! It is designed to build strength in your legs and shoulders using a similar system of resistance springs to the Reformer. In simple terms it is a seat with a split foot bar which is pushed with the hands or feet. The springs are adjusted to suit each client but using the Chair is often more challenging than the Reformer!

It was originally designed as a home exercise machine for New York City apartments and is often used to rehabilitate clients with knee injuries. It can be challenging, but I promise not to push you too far!

Using the Pilates equipment

I only ever use the Reformer and Chair in 1-2-1 or Small Group Studio sessions as they require supervision and adaptation for each individual.

You will always have a 1-2-1 session to start with so that I can asses your ability and posture,  adjust the springs to use the right resistance for you and establish which exercises are best for you.

My Pilates studio sessions are an hour long and include working with the reformer and/or stability chair as well as some traditional mat exercises.

Studio sessions are by appointment only. Please see my Classes Page for details. You can book single or block sessions to allow you to fit in Pilates around your busy lives.