Dynamic Core Strength

A very insightful workshop yesterday with the amazing Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt.  They put into words what I have been aware of for some time now.  Many people unfortunately think that core strength is about bracing your tummy button into your spine like a mattress button!  This bracing action restricts movement and as Michael and Ton put it ” the real purpose of stability and core strength is balancing movement and non-movement.  In our daily lives when we walk we need to be able to move our spine, pelvis, thorax etc. We need to challenge our core in the most functional way”  And my clients will be pleased to know that I was very challenged and feeling it today!  Watch out in the next few weeks, I will be incorporating some of these exercises into your classes!

You can find out more about Michael and Ton on www.zenirgy.com

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