DRU Yoga

Dru Yoga, the oasis of calm in a busy world!

With its roots in Hatha yoga, Dru includes lovely flowing sequences and visualisations.  A typical class will help to enhance your spinal health and flexibility thus complementing Pilates beautifully.

Dru (from the sanskrit “Dhruva”) refers to the sense of inner stillness and calm that can be experienced whilst practising this form of yoga.

It is a graceful, flowing form of exercise, great for recharging your batteries. It also helps you feel calmer and more grounded. 

Classes include a series of Energy Block Release sequences (soft, flowing dynamic movements) which dissolve physical, emotional and mental blockages. These sequences help to promote a feeling of positivity and empowerment.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Yoga classes have been paused for the time being. I hope to start teaching again in the near future.

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