Dru Yoga for seniors

Many people think that yoga is for the young and bendy, and it is understandable that as one gets older we get nervous about going to a class, maybe thinking that it involves getting into very complicated and bendy positions.  Not so!  Dru yoga is very gentle with some lovely flowing sequences. Many movements can be adapted if you have knee or back problems for instance.    I am a Backcare practioner and have been teaching Body Control Pilates for 15 years, so I bring all that experience into the Dru Yoga class.  Dru yoga can help with balance and walking, improving flexibility and spinal movement.  Dru can also help on a deeper level, increasing feelings of self esteem and confidence.

So if you are toying with the idea of starting yoga, please contact me and come and try a class for free.  I have five lovely ladies already in the class and we will make you very welcome.

Dru yoga for seniors classes are on Wednesdays 12.00 – 1.30 pm.  Please get in touch beforehand to make sure there is a space in the class for you.


Hilary  07506 711774


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