Dru Yoga class at Yoga Vibe!

The next Dru Yoga class will be held during the Yoga Vibe weekend at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.  I will be teaching on Sunday 25th June, class is from 11am until 12.30.

Calm, replenish and revitalise with the lovely flowing sequences to help bring your awareness into that stillness within.  The word Dru in Dru Yoga refers to the Sanskrit word Dhruva which relates to the calmness and stillness that you can find within yourself, despite what is going on around you.  Very hard to do sometimes!  However this class will allow you that time and space for yourself.

Further details of the Yoga Vibe weekend can be found on their facebook page.

Look forward to seeing you there, let’s hope for beautiful sunshine so that we can enjoy the gardens!

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