Clients Say

What do my clients say?

If you want to know what my clients say about my Pilates and Dru Yoga sessions, keep reading!

About Pilates

Pilates has made me much more in tune with my body – its strengths and weaknesses.

Pilates makes your body feel alive!

Total wellbeing for the next 6 days!

Pilates makes me feel strong and confident.

Pilates is energising – it stretches bits of my body that I did not realise needed stretching.

Hilary’s Pilates classes have made a real difference to the strength of my back. I wouldn’t be without them now!

About Dru Yoga

After 4 weeks of Dru Yoga, the difference really shows in my flexibility and calmness.

Dru Yoga – gentle flowing movements which greatly enhance the whole body.

Incredibly relaxing – I always sleep like a log after Dru Yoga!

Dru Yoga is a time for me. A time to de-stress from the working week – a time to reflect.