Due to the governments advice yesterday, I have made the decision to close all classes and sessions for the time being. I will be in touch in due course. I know this is the right decision, but like so many other small business having put my heart and soul into this for many years, I need time to process and think about the way forward.

Stay safe and well, sending lots of love. Hilary x



If you want to get your pilates “fix” during the summer holidays I will be running 3 matclasses at the studio, each with a different focus.

Tuesday 6th August 6-7pm Mobility/Stability

Tuesday 13th August 6-7pm Pilates on the Foam Roller

Tuesday 20th August 6-7pm Pilates on the Big Ball

Spaces are going fast so please contact me to book. Price is £10 per class or £27 for all three. Pilates experience necessary! You will be challenged!


Dru Yoga class

The next Dru Yoga class will be on Wednesday 5 June 6-7.30pm at Whippingham Community Centre.

Dru Yoga is a lovely slow and flowing yoga which will help you relax, unwind and stretch out your body, as well as helping you find a sense of stillness in the busyness of life.

We are lucky to be using the community centre at Whippingham which has beautiful views over the Island.

I was introduced to Dru Yoga several years ago, and decided to train to teach, really for my own benefit as I loved it so much. Pilates is my main “thing” and I am lucky enough to be very busy with pilates in my studio at Lake, but I also wanted to teach Dru. So this is why I only teach a monthly class which makes it more special.

If you would like to come along, please contact me to book your space as I limit numbers in class. Price for the class is £10.


Pilates sessions now available on Monday evenings

The studio is now open for shared sessions on Mondays 4.30 – 7pm. Sessions by appointment only. These are one hour sessions consisting of matwork and use of the reformer and/or stability chair. Exercises are tailored to suit each individual. Remember you don’t have to find someone to share with! Just book a time, you may be sharing with one or two others, or you may be lucky enough (it depends which way you look at it) to have a session on your own! *

*If you have no previous pilates experience you will need 1:1 sessions to start your pilates journey.



The next Dru Yoga class will be on Wednesday 3 April 6-7.30pm at Whippingham Community Centre.

Breathe, let go, make space for yourself, re-energise, find your sense of inner calm and stillness (yes it is there!) through gentle flowing movements.

Price for class £10. Please contact me to book 07506711774 or e mail


On Friday 1st March the Earl Mountbatten Hospice are having a wear a hat for the day event to raise funds. So I am inviting all my clients having matclasses or studio sessions during this week to wear a hat to class and during the class (if you can keep it on!). Donations of £2 to take part. I will bring the official hospice collection box to each pilates session, so even if you don’t “do” hats your donation will be very welcome. Thank you to this morning’s class for being such good sports. We were wearing a wide range of hats from woolly bobble hats to fascinators!



The Pilates Method is always developing and changing and this weekend is where us teachers get to catch up with the latest and learn lots!

A lecture given by Madeline Black (USA) about the latest science on pain, how the brain perceives and processes it, was really interesting and food for thought.

I so enjoyed a class on side flexion given by Anula Maiberg (New York).  What happens when the matwork goes sideways?! Watch out classes this week!



How do you connect to your core?  How do you find that abdominal connection?

Most people who attend pilates sessions want to strengthen their core.  Using your core correctly and being able to move from a good core connection takes regular consistent practice.  It’s not easy and many people give up and progress to exercises that are far too challenging for their core, far too soon.  Without correct core control they may risk injury.

I sometimes call the core either trunk or torso control.  Not sure about either of these terms, one reminds me of elephants and the other crime scenes!  Your core control consists of pelvic floor support which leads to the connection to your transversus muscle.  Your transversus muscle is like having your own natural corset to support your lumbar spine.  When you feel this contract, it’s like sliding doors coming gently across your lower abdomen.  Your core also consists of many other muscles, your upper abdominal muscles, obliques, gluteal muscles in your buttocks, and multifidus (muscles that run the length of your back).

What is also important is that your connection to your core needs to be relative to the movement your are doing.  Subtle strength!  Bracing your belly button in prevents correct breathing and movement.

Getting kinaesthetic feedback is important, which is why I teach clients using softballs, foam rollers and  wobble boards.  The pilates equipment such as the reformer and stability chair  are brilliant for providing this connection and feedback.

Once you find this trunk stability, we then start connecting the arm and leg movements to your trunk.  But that’s another story!