About Pilates

It’s quite difficult to explain about Pilates in a short sentence or even just one paragraph, but I hope the information below helps a little!

Joseph Pilates referred to his method as the art of Contrology (being aware of how your body moves and where you are in space).

Each movement is performed with mindfulness and concentration, helping you to correct movement patterns which may be putting stress on your back and joints.

A healthy spine is one that moves in extension, flexion, side flexion and rotation. Each movement should synchronize with your breath and be performed with a subtle connection to inner control.

It is now known that when you recuit your core muscles, it needs to be done in a very subtle way and only relative to the challenge of the movement you are doing.  Deliberately tightening your tummy, or bracing your tummy button in is discouraged, as it can aggravate the lower back.

What make Body Control Pilates different?

Body Control Pilates offers a comprehensive programme of exercises for all levels.  These have been adapted from the classic exercises that Joseph Pilates taught to take in modern health discoveries.

What sets Body Control Pilates teachers apart from others, is the preciseness of the teaching. We use both verbal cuing and gentle hands-on guidance to help clients be aware of their alignment.

For clients to work safely and effectively, it is important to establish good movement skills. This sets up a foundation for progressing to more advanced exercises.

If you want to find out more about Body Control Pilates and its co-founder Lynne Robinson click here.

Studio Classes & 1-2-1 Sessions

It is essential to learn the basic techniques of Pilates correctly for you to get the best out of your Pilates sessions.  This is why I insist that all new clients have 1-2-1 sessions prior to coming into shared classes and studio sessions. You can read more about my 1-2-1 sessions here.

Sessions are friendly and welcoming.  They are 1 hour long and I encourage clients to focus on themselves and work according to their abilities.  You will be learning to establish new movement skills using small equipment such as softballs, foam rollers, weights, and of course the larger Pilates equipment – the Reformer and Stability Chair.

Although you will be working hard, there is no competitive element.  We have lots of fun in the studio. I get moaned at a lot, but in a good way!

I work on a pre-booked appointment system only. There are no drop in sessions. For more details of times and prices please see my Classes page.