About Me

About Hilary

It’s hard to get across my personality on a web page. I hope in reading this page, you will get a sense of me, and get in touch.

What motivates me?

My main motivation with Pilates Classes, is for clients to leave feeling better than when they arrived. Physically, mentally, or emotionally, or even better, all 3! I aim to teach clients awareness, taking home what helped them feel better. This way they stay motivated to help themselves outside of the Pilates studio.

My Qualifications

I think teacher qualifications are really important so let me tell you a bit about my training…

I obtained my Body Control Pilates basic mat qualifications in 2000. Then progressed to qualifications on use of Pilates Reformers and Stability Chairs. I trained with both Helge Fisher (one of the original co-founders of Body Control Pilates) and Michelle Cohen from the New York Kelly Kane Studio.

Once qualified, I ran my own studio in Portsmouth for a few years. Then moved to Innsbruck where I lived and taught Pilates for another 2 years – a wonderful experience!

What I do Now

Moving back to the UK in 2007, I resumed teaching in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

I moved permanently to the Island in 2011, focusing solely on Pilates mat classes. However, I missed teaching on Pilates equipment, so invested in a Reformer and Chair. I set up my own private studio at the Whitecross Business Centre in Shanklin where I continue to teach today.

I work with private 1-2-1’s or small groups in shared sessions, using the larger Reformer/Chair, alongside mat-based exercises.

Whilst they can look a little scary to start with, the Pilates ‘machines’ are fabulous to work with. I find they give my clients a far more effective workout.

Methods of teaching are changing all the time. I make sure to get my annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points by attending official courses. This allows me to remain a member of the Body Control Pilates Association and be fully insured.

More importantly the courses help me to give the best possible care to my clients. They enable me to adapt to clients particular needs, from pregnancy through to bone health.

In 2009 I discovered Dru Yoga. A wonderful compliment to Pilates. Dru Yoga really helps to find that inner stillness which is often so evasive in our busy lives. I completed my 2 year training diploma in 2012.

Taking part in Pilates or Dru Yoga is certainly not age restricted. I teach across all age groups. Being in my 60’s doesn’t mean that I am past doing the more advanced exercises. But, whatever I can do, I always take into account your personal health and medical conditions.

I fully intend to keep teaching for the foreseeable future and hope that I am an inspiration to everyone. It’s so important to keep moving in life. Nurture yourself with exercise, eat healthily and bring a little calmness and peace into your life.

The Covid pandemic led me to stop my large group, Pilates mat classes and focus on smaller, safer studio sessions. Now I only teach 1-2-1’s or 2-1 small groups. This ensures good socially distanced space whilst exercising, minimising both yours and my risk to infection. I want my clients to feel confident and relaxed in their surroundings.

All in all, I love my job and find it so satisfying to see clients go away from their sessions, de-stressed and able to move more freely.

I do hope you will join me in your journey to a better way of life. If you would like to find out more about my classes please take a look at my Classes page. 

About Hilary Symmans Pilates and Dru Yoga teacher Isle of Wight