The Unexpected

Whenever you read or hear about the many benefits of doing regular Pilates sessions, they of course include increased flexibility, core strength, better posture, less back pain, feeling taller etc.  However Pilates also prepares you for the unexpected…. that moment when you lose your footing, slip or trip.

A while ago one of my clients told me that she had just alighted from the hovercraft in Ryde, she was carrying lots of shopping bags in each hand and it was raining.  In her rush to get to her car quickly, she tripped.  Thankfully she righted herself almost without thinking about it, and prevented a nasty fall.  She told me she was certain that her regular Pilates sessions had helped her regain her balance.

With regular practice Pilates can increase your proprioception, your awareness of where you are in space, and helps your ability to balance.


My recent Pilates Masterclass

I recently went on two workshops “connecting the legs” and ” connecting the arms”, both of these workshops presented by Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt who are internationally recognised Pilates Master Teachers.  Check them out on their website  These guys are so passionate and enthusiastic about their work and made the courses so much fun – usually after 7 hours my brain is flagging, but I thoroughly enjoyed their work and learnt a lot.

One thing  that really had an impact for me – at one point the subject was brought up that many teachers seem to think they can fix a client’s problem.  We as teachers are not there to fix but  we can create a safe environment for clients to facilitate their healing and improvement of their movement patterns, for them to experience moving more freely and fluidly.



Pilates website goes live!

My new, improved site has gone live! Have a good look around at

The new site has a dedicated page detailing where and when I hold my  Pilates and Dru Yoga Classes. There are pages dedicated to both techniques and more details of the new Pilates Reformer and Chair that I have recently installed in the Anahata Studio. You can also follow my facebook page from here too.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through the site and learn more about why Pilates inspires me.

If you have any problems viewing the site, please do let me know!