New price structure

I have recently restructured prices for sessions.  Single sessions will now cost slightly more than blocks of sessions, so that the more sessions you buy the cheaper they will be.  Clients always have a full 1 hour session, whether it is a 1:1 session, studio session or matclass. If I feel that it is going to benefit the client, I sometimes go over the hour, (but I do let you go home eventually!!) In effect it is only the cost of a single private session, and a single studio session that has been increased.  For full details please take a look at the website


“If you have ever been tempted to start Pilates but hate the idea of joining a class because you think it will be full of perfectly shaped bodies or you think you are too old to start, then please think again. That is how I felt until I met Hilary who I felt at total ease with straight away.  I have been attending Hilary’s classes for only a couple of months now, but already I can feel the difference with my ‘problem’ areas, namely neck, back and shoulder, as well as tendons in my ankle areas.  So at 60 it is not too late to start and I have to say I just love my sessions!  I urge you to just give it a try!” Anne Durward-Brown