Unwind, relax, stretch, restore.  Enjoy the gentle flowing sequences of Dru Yoga.  This will be a class to help you adjust to the change of seasons, to reconnect to nature, to find balance and clarity about the way ahead.

Wednesday 4 October 6-7.30pm.

Price for the class will be £10 payable on the evening

As numbers in class will be limited, please contact me to book either by phone 07506 711774 or e mail



Pilates circuit class for 3 weeks only

Tuesday 8, 15, 22 August from 6-7pm at the Anahata Studio, Whitecross Lane, Shanklin

A fun class working with small equipment to help give you feedback and to be aware of your movement patterns.  This will enable you to challenge and improve your pilates skills.

Participants will need previous pilates experience.  This class is not suitable for those with acute back problems.

One class £11  Block of 3 £30

Book early as I will limit numbers in the class



Dru Yoga class at Yoga Vibe!

The next Dru Yoga class will be held during the Yoga Vibe weekend at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.  I will be teaching on Sunday 25th June, class is from 11am until 12.30.

Calm, replenish and revitalise with the lovely flowing sequences to help bring your awareness into that stillness within.  The word Dru in Dru Yoga refers to the Sanskrit word Dhruva which relates to the calmness and stillness that you can find within yourself, despite what is going on around you.  Very hard to do sometimes!  However this class will allow you that time and space for yourself.

Further details of the Yoga Vibe weekend can be found on their facebook page.

Look forward to seeing you there, let’s hope for beautiful sunshine so that we can enjoy the gardens!



Dru Yoga Class at Ventnor Botanic Gardens  – Wednesday 24th May 6-7.30 pm  Price £10

Join us for another pop Dru Yoga class in the Echium Room at the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Ventnor.  With scenic views over the gardens, de-stress and recharge your batteries with the flowing sequences of this Dru Yoga class.

Starting with a fun warm up to de-stress from the day, followed by a sequence to unwind and stretch out your body, we will then complete the “Seat of Compassion”, a lovely flowing yoga sequence.  The class will end with a relaxation.

This class comes with a health warning!  By the end of the class you may find that you are totally relaxed, calmer and re-energised, ready to face the world again!

For bookings and enquiries please contact Hilary on 07506 711774 or Sian on 01983 855397





Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed?  Why not take some time out for yourself and come along and try this gentle flowing yoga workshop. Don’t worry about not being flexible or bendy as Dru yoga is suitable for everyone, as

Destress and re-energise with the lovely flowing sequences.  Unwind, relax and stretch out your body.  Dru Yoga helps give the mind and body much needed rest and relaxation which enables you find a still calm point in a busy world.  In fact the meaning of “Dru”  comes from the sanskrit word Dhruva, a stillness within that you may find after practising Dru Yoga, helping you to stand back from the busyness around you and act from a place of calm.


Please give me a call to book on 075067 11774  or e mail me on



De-stress Dru Yoga Class to help calm and energise

Want to get out of your headspace for a while?  Wishing you could feel a little more grounded and calm?  I will be teaching a de-stress Dru Yoga class here on the Isle of Wight  Wednesday 1st March.  This class will be held at the Anahata Studio in Lake from 6 – 7.30 pm.  Price for this session of recharging your batteries will be £10.

I  will start the class  with Dru Yoga activations  which is a lovely fun way to warm up. This will be followed by one of the Dru Yoga Energy Block Release flowing sequences,  to help dissolve away physical and emotional stress.  I will then guide everyone through some stretches to prepare for an asana or Dru Yoga posture. The class will conclude with a Deep Relaxation leaving you feeling calm and energised.

There will only be a small number of spaces to allow for everyone’s comfort, so  please contact me in order to your space.

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket, and wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move.

To find out more about Dru Yoga you may like to check out





Want to take your Pilates to the next level?

Do you feel you need to take your Pilates to the next level?

Have you reached a plateau with your matwork classes?  I can help you take your Pilates to the next level using the Pilates reformer and stability chair.  I have some spaces available at my 1:3 Pilates sessions where using the Pilates equipment I help you  to refine your technique.  This enables you to truly experience how the movements should feel.

There are 3 clients sharing an hour long session and exercises are tailored to your specific needs.

If you are interested in getting the most out of your Pilates give me a call to organise a session.  These sessions are only available to regular Pilates goers.

pilates studio reformer isle of wight hilary symmans take your pilates to the next level


Dru Yoga for Charity class raises £90

The Dru Yoga for Charity class raised a total of £90 for Children in Need.

Thank you so much to all who came along and to those who were unable to come but donated some money.

My thanks also to Vikki for letting me use the studio rent free – that money also went into the Children in Need pot.

Dynamic Core Strength

A very insightful workshop yesterday with the amazing Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt.  They put into words what I have been aware of for some time now.  Many people unfortunately think that core strength is about bracing your tummy button into your spine like a mattress button!  This bracing action restricts movement and as Michael and Ton put it ” the real purpose of stability and core strength is balancing movement and non-movement.  In our daily lives when we walk we need to be able to move our spine, pelvis, thorax etc. We need to challenge our core in the most functional way”  And my clients will be pleased to know that I was very challenged and feeling it today!  Watch out in the next few weeks, I will be incorporating some of these exercises into your classes!

You can find out more about Michael and Ton on