3 thoughts on “Classes on the Isle of Wight

  1. Hello Hillary, I would be interested in attending one of your pilates classes. I have been going to regular classes over the past couple of years, but the teacher gave up whilst I was away during the Winter, & I am keen to return. I note that you ask that any newcomer attends a 1-2-1 session with you, & I would look forward to this, as well as if you could let me know your fees, & whether you have any vacancies at present. Many thanks & best wishes Sue Penney

  2. Hello Hillary. Interested in your beginners class in East Cowes in September. I am currently having treatment with esmee at Cowes chiropractor. Can you let me know cost please.

    • Hello Vidya, Many apologies for delayed reply. The post that you are responding to was from 2010. I no longer teach a beginners class in East Cowes. If you are interested in starting pilates, please give me a call 07506711774.

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